Our on-site or online training can help you help your employees reach their true potential. We offer standardized classes for your convenience. Or, if you prefer, we can customize the curriculum to your needs.

Customizable Scheduling

You and your employees can participate in a short refresher course, an expanded program, or a customized seminar that meets your company's needs. ESA Editorial and Training Services provides customization and flexible scheduling.

You can create your own performance schedule: for example, a one-day session, several half-day sessions, or several weekly sessions. The choice is yours.

On site or online

We come to you in person or online. Schedule our classes at your facility, or choose our interactive, live online format. Read a description and technical requirements for our online classes.

Our Courses


Effective Writing Workshop

Introduces the building blocks of effective writing that apply to all types of academic and business communications. Suggested Audience: midmanagers, editors, administrative staff.

Refining Your Communication Skills

Emphasizes effective writing and speaking skills for nonnative English speakers. Suggested Audience: nonnative speakers.

Report Writing

Provides intensive work on the special concerns of report writers. Suggested Audience: managers, midmanagers, report writers.

Editing and Proofreading

Grammar and Punctuation

Offers intensive work on the fine points of grammar, punctuation, and organizational style. Suggested Audience: managers, midmanagers, editors, proofreaders, administrative staff.

Grammar Roundtable

Offers participants the opportunity to address grammar and style issues that they find irksome. The roundtable discussion focuses on both gross and subtle errors. Suggested Audience: managers, midmanagers, editors, proofreaders, administrative staff.

Proofreading Workshop

Provides an in-depth study of grammar, punctuation, spelling, organizational style, visual acuity techniques, and the human dynamics of proofreading. Suggested Audience: midmanagers, administrative staff, editors, proofreaders.

Reviewing and Editing the Writing of Others

Offers practice in editing and reviewing to help other writers improve their skills. Suggested Audience: managers, midmanagers, editors.

Electronic Editing

Introduces track changes, comparing documents, using Find and Replace effectively, and creating and sharing macros to speed editorial tasks. This course is offered for Microsoft Word version 2003 or version 2007. Suggested Audience: editors, writers, and anyone who must review documents with tracked changes.


Business Skills

Microsoft Office 2007 Upgrade

The upgrade to Office 2007 means a steep learning curve. The completely revised interface can be a time-drain as you and your staff try to get up to speed. Our one-day quick upgrade class can get you up and running with the new interface in record time. Add a customized review of your most-often used tools, and your transition to the new software will be nearly seamless. Click here for details.

Writing in the E-mail Environment

Increases attention to clarity and overall effectiveness of e-mail messages. Suggested Audience: anyone who communicates by e-mail.

Business Math

Provides a clear understanding of math as used in everyday life, such as balancing a checkbook and working with percents. Suggested Audience: administrative staff, all others.

Microsoft Excel

Provides a thorough grounding in Microsoft Excel. Beginning with the basics, such as entering, editing, and formatting data, our Level I and II classes cover basic and more advanced formulas; creating charts and graphs; and using Excel to manage data such as names and addresses. Customizable advanced level classes are also available. Suggested Audience: Managers, midmanagers, and anyone who needs to use Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Word

Provides a strong foundation in Microsoft Word. Formatting, using styles, designing mail-merge documents, and creating templates

Train the Trainer

Offers skills necessary to deliver high-impact, powerful training sessions that are geared to the learning needs of adults. Suggested Audience: Staff members who lead training activities on an occasional or regular basis.

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