Reviewing and Editing the Writing of Others

Performance Schedule

Six three-hour sessions

Eighteen instructional hours

Or a customized schedule

Course Objective

The overall objective of this course is to help managers and editors answer the following questions:

Specific Course Goals

Participants will

Course Concept

Through effective reviewing, managers can help create the desired written products, motivate the original writers to attach more importance to written communication, and develop the writing skills of those writers. Similarly, editors need to develop sensitivity to the writer’s perspective and to limit changes to those that must be made. Tension between editor and writer can ultimately affect the quality of the final product. Thus, a good editor needs to know more about the writing process than just the mechanics.

The course will consist of class discussion about the human dynamics of writing, class exercises and readings about the principles of effective writing, and exercises in reviewing and editing.

The instructor serves as motivator, resource person, and evaluator of student progress.


The contractor will provide a loose-leaf binder with more than 100 pages of handouts, To Revise or Not To Revise: The Essential Guide to Reviewing Somebody Else’s Writing by Angela J. Maniak.