Train the Trainer

Performance Schedule

Six three-hour sessions
Eighteen instructional hours per seminar

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to develop training geared to the learning needs of adults and to conduct the developed training session.

Specific Course Goals for Each Module

Session 1
Adult Learning Principles
Understanding the Training Process—An Overview

Session 2
Assessing Your Training Needs
Writing Your Objectives

Session 3
Picking and Choosing Your Content
Outlining and Sequencing

Session 4
Selecting Your Training Methods
Developing Your Training Aids

Session 5
Developing Your Facilitation
Handling Problem Situations

Session 6
Using Your New Skills
Putting Your New Skills to Work

Course Concept

The concept of this workshop is “learning by doing.” Participants will use a job-relevant topic to practice developing and conducting training. The course is designed for “nontrainers” (those who train on an occasional basis). The course covers the skills necessary for participants to effectively develop and conduct the training they are asked to do in their job. Participants will observe several examples of how the training skills they learn are applied. One example will be carried throughout the course as a way of illustrating the training activities that are covered. The example is based on a hypothetical training situation that might occur in any organization.

Participants will be active in the learning process because people learn more in training when they are actively involved. The format includes group discussions, individual exercises, and group exercises. All activities are designed to help participants learn training skills. Participants will develop a practice training lesson and conduct a 15-minute segment of it during the final session. Fellow participants will be the “trainees” during the practice training.

The instructor serves as motivator, resource person, and evaluator of student progress.


The contractor will provide Train the Trainer by Penny L. Ittner and Alex F. Douds and a folder for supplementary handouts. Participants should bring material from their job environment that they can use as a basis for their practice training.