Writing in the E-mail Environment

Performance Schedule

Two three-hour sessions
Six instructional hours

Course Objectives

E-mail in the office once functioned merely as a substitute for a telephone call. Today the role of e-mail has expanded to include that of an electronic memorandum, which is later converted to print form as part of an official record. Participants will expand their understanding of the role of e-mail in conducting business and will increase their attention to the clarity and overall effectiveness of their e-mail messages.

Specific Course Goals

Participants will do the following:

Course Concepts

This course will incorporate simulated e-mail messages that participants will proofread and edit based on the principles discussed in class. Class exercises will include messages with serious grammar, spelling, and punctuation problems; messages with unclear or ambiguous passages; rambling, unfocused messages; messages with significant tone problems; and messages that are difficult to read because of their appearance. In addition, participants will discuss the problems created by inappropriate use of e-mail and “e-mail etiquette” that can help eliminate these problems.


The contractor will provide Writing Effective E-Mail: Practical Strategies for Strengthening Electronic Communication by Verne Meyer and John Van Rys and 20-25 pages of materials in a folder.